Do not get angry when the girl refused always keep the spirit of a time when you will get it

cinta di tolakWhen your love rejected by the women the pain began to hit, even the bitterness of rejection as lightning struck during the day. No matter how strong a man when a woman refused of course you will have the name of hurt and then you wonder why the expansion of your love can be rejected by a woman so you prefer, have experienced? The bitterness of rejection can make you start to experience a sense of frustration, it can even make you experience various problems because it is in your mind just a question that there will be no end of why, why and why?. There are many factors that could cause you to be rejected, but you should be stuck to find out what causes it.

Now, good guy is a pretty loaded term. There are many guys who label themselves good guys and are anything but. When my friends and I friends use the term good guy, we basically mean not a weirdo.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m weird. We all have our quirks, but I’m not serial killer weird. I guess you could say I’ve never been out on a date because every girl I’ve ever asked out has said no. That’s the short and long of it. And you know what? That’s ok.

Many people think I’m weird for feeling that way. Many have told me that the women themselves are to blame, but thinking back, I could never really blame them. Even if I wanted to blame women, I never could because I was too busy blaming myself and my circumstances, always thinking, if I was more this or had more that. Now whether not that’s constructive is for me and a future therapist to decide, but I refuse to think my rejection is the fault of all women. That’s just not who I am.

Whenever a woman turned me down, I was, of course disappointed, but I never said, She should go out with me! The thought was always, Yeah I can definitely see why she wouldn’t go out with me. I guess my self-esteem agreed with them.

In light of all the recent and perpetual struggles women have gone through at the hands of men, I think it would be a good idea to say something to the men everywhere: Women do not have to go out with you or anyone they don’t want to. Do you know how ridiculous it looks to her as a woman to see you get upset for not wanting to go out with you? If not, think of it this way.

Let’s say I made some cheeseburgers, and I saw you walking down the street. I offer you a cheeseburger. If you don’t like cheeseburgers, you tell me no thank you. How rude and wrong of me would it be to force the cheeseburger on you or get upset at you for not wanting a cheeseburger? It’s something you simply don’t like that has nothing to do with me.

Put yourself in a woman’s shoes and imagine if someone wanted to go out with you and you’ve declined, but they keep insisting and then got angry at you for not wanting them.

If a woman doesn’t want to go out with you because you’re too big, that’s fine. If a woman doesn’t want to go out with you because she isn’t trying to date right now, that’s fine. If a woman doesn’t want to go out with you because you’re too short, tall, thin, muscular, insert any adjective you want, it’s still fine. Now does it hurt? Of course it does, but always remember this: Women can go out and not go out with WHOMEVER they damn well, please!

And they have the right to do that without any fear of harassment, violence or any other social and or physical repercussions. The most unmanly thing a man can do is harm or harass women, and those men who remain silent while women suffer these abuses are aiding and abetting participants.

As I reach 30 years on this planet, I’m becoming more socially conscious — both about my life situation and the situation of others. I am an ally of women and all men should be. We have all come from a woman. One of my favorite quotes goes something like this, When we didn’t have a heart, a woman’s heartbeat was our own. I wish I remember who said that, but the point remains clear. We need to do better by women. Much better.

Every woman has a psychological weakness that can be exploited when you do approach. so do not give up at any time you find a weakness, and you will be able to get

Things that make you fall in love with the opposite sex

Falling in love is a natural trait in humans that occurs when two people are related. These properties do not occur necessarily just happen usually through various processes and events whether intentional or not between two opposite sex. falling in love is a feeling of mutual love, appreciate and understand the opposite sex, maybe a few things below a sign that makes you are in love

  1. Social reasons
  • Human beings today live in societies where crystal clear laws are defined regarding the human relationships. Society encourages every adult to live in families where they procreate and grow kids as responsible members of society. A child who reaches the age of puberty sees male female relationships all around and gradually he/she too seeks the company of a counterpart.
  • Society, through life examples and media, fuses the idea of male female relationships into a child and he/she feels an urgency of falling in love within. Society opens more and more chances for girls and boys to interact. This helps them to fall in love easily as things or people most seen become dear to eyes. Today’s family atmosphere plays a great role in making people falling in love.
  • Kids lack parental care as parents may find no time to spare for kids in their busy schedule of life. Thus the only option of receiving care and love is to find out a male/female partner who can substitute all other people. It is a proven fact that less cared kids at home often fall in relationships earlier than others. They satisfy the urge for love in a romantic relationship. This insecurity and unloved feelings often make kids end up with unhealthy relationships too. When the romance is concerned, the social reasons are more visible compared to the psychological or hormonal reasons.

2.   Psychological aspect

Love is a psychological element of human relationships, thus it is very difficult to manipulate one’s psychology to yield romance in his/her mind. There are certain psychological aspects that may possibly make people fall in love. A feeling of similarity is a major psychological facet that sprouts romance. People who interact for longer period or people who are of the same mind set may develop romance within themselves.

According to psychological theories romance can happen in two ways; compassionate love and passionate love. Compassionate romance is originated from mutual understanding, respect and sharing. On the other hand passionate love is based on intense sexual desires, anxiety and affection. Each love or relationship is fueled by any of these psychological reasons.

3.   Physical attraction

Physical attraction is another reason behind romantic relationships. A normal man or woman is designed to get attracted to the opposite sex at the fulfillment of time. But all the men or women

What are some things to know before divorce

Not one person in the marriage must be stopped in the middle of the life, but on the relationship everything can happen so that marriage can’t be continue, here are some things that you must know before you are going to divorce. these 10 lessons can get you through the end of your marriage, both financially and emotionally.

  1. It may take a long time to recover—and that’s okay.

Anna, 50, from London, thought she’d be able to handle her divorce. “I’m a strong person, I own my own business and I’m a professional speaker,” she says. But she admits she could barely function for a full year after the split.Her divorce recovery classes helped her realize everyone bounces back at their own pace. Psychotherapist Pandora MacLean-Hoover, who’s divorced, also suggests finding a therapist who knows firsthand how vulnerable you are. “Therapists who haven’t experienced divorce often create false hope,” in regards to recovering quickly. “It’s important to have support that’s educated as well as therapeutic.”

  1. Choose your counsel wisely.

“I used a criminal attorney and got a poor settlement,” admits Christine K. Clifford, CEO of Divorcing Divas. On the other hand, a lawyer who’s well-versed in family law could get you a better settlement because she knows the state-law nuances and local judges and lawyers, says Jacqueline Newman, a partner at a boutique New York City law firm specializing in divorce. If you and your husband have complicated combined assets, you may need additional pros. Kira Brown, 34, from Phoenix, AZ, owned a business with her ex-husband and wishes she’d also hired a financial planner for help negotiating her settlement.

  1. Dig deeply into your joint finances. According to financial analyst Sandy Arons, a divorcee herself, 40% of divorce proceedings are about money. So get as much information as you can about your shared accounts to be well-informed before court. Specifically, “learn all of the online passwords to bank accounts, which accounts had automatic payments and where money is invested, including the names of all accounts, the account numbers and the investment advisors,” says Newman. Ask your attorney when and how it’s best to gather this info first, though.
  2. Figure out your future living expenses ASAP. Your financial well-being should be your top priority, says divorce financial expert and mediator Rosemary Frank. “Raw emotions will heal and legalities will be completed, but the financial impact of poor decisions, or default decisions due to lack of understanding, will last a lifetime,” she warns.Step one: Thoroughly understand your current cost of living before the divorce proceedings start. “If you don’t know what you’ll need in the future, you won’t be able to ask for it and you surely won’t get it,” she says.
  3. Anticipate unexpected costs. Even with carefully planning out your future expenses, something surprising may pop up. For example, your husband may be able to boot you from his health insurance plan, leaving you with an added cost of as much as $1,000 per month. Caitlin, 55, from Tarrytown, NY, recommends requesting a one-time payment, separate from alimony. “I asked for, and got, a check 30 days after my husband left,” she says. “Too many men dodge their financial responsibilities, so waiting for that first alimony check is unwise. Try to have money available—like $5,000—within days. You’ll need it.”
  4. Trying to hurt your ex usually backfires. Newman says that a client of hers told her husband’s boss about his affair with his secretary and ended up getting him fired. “It not only ‘showed him;’ it also showed the wife—and their children—what life is like on a lower salary,” she says.Simplybadmouthing your ex is likely to hurt your kids more than your husband, even if you don’t think they hear or read what you say. “Anything written online about an ex-spouse will exist forever—when the children are old enough to read,” cautions Newman.
  5. Being divorced doesn’t mean you’re a failure, less competent or less desirable. “Divorce used to be something people didn’t do, and many considered divorced women to be ‘loose’ and ‘scandalous,'” says two-time divorcee Jennifer Little, PhD, founder of Parents Teach Kids. Some of those stigmas still exist, she says, so remember that divorce doesn’t define you. “Divorcing just means that the relationship didn’t work out,” she says. “You haven’t been rejected as a woman or a person, nor are you incompetent at being a wife, a partner, a lover, a friend.”
  6. The holidays will be harder than you expect. Amanda, 29, from Albuquerque, NM, was married for over six years until her divorce. “I wasn’t prepared for the loneliness that accompanied Christmas,” she says. “It amplified the concept of a broken home.” She wishes she had made plans to see her mother or a friend—or taken a vacation—to take her mind off spending the holiday by herself. So make sure you stay busy during that difficult time of year.
  7. Your kids won’t tell you how they really feel about the divorce, but their behavior will. “Children feel a sense of responsibility for the breakup no matter how much the parents state it wasn’t about them,” says marriage and family therapist Lesli M. W. Doares, author of Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage.So monitor your kids’ actions to understand how they’re dealing.Watch out for little ones regressing in their behavior—acting younger, wanting to sleep in bed with you—or showing anger toward siblings and peers. Adolescents tend to act out by drinking, skipping school or disobeying curfews. To get things back on track, Doares suggests addressing issues as a family so everyone can talk about the changes together. Also, inform your child’s teacher of the new situation, but don’t automatically put your kid in therapy. “It can leave him feeling stigmatized or reinforce that the divorce is his fault,” says Doares, though therapy’s a good option if the behavior change is extreme.
  8. Divorce can be freeing—and totally worth it. Annie, 47, from Boston, felt like she didn’t have any talents, besides caring for her kids, before divorcing in 2007. She now has a blog,, and sees new directions her life can take. “Divorce can be the beginning of a good next chapter, even if you don’t know how the book’s going to end,” she says. “Maybe you don’t know what the options are yet, but they’re out there.”


Secret Tips to keep the fun in the relationship

In running a relationship such as marriage, dating, etc. will be established well when we have a unique secret to maintain that relationship, we must have effective tips so that we are always delighted.

Many of these, so called, rules are based on the life experience of many happy couple and also the observation of people. When two people get into relationships, many of them wish for lasting relationships. But pathetically, a good number of them go apart after a while, in search of new partners. Let us see the secrets that constitute long lasting relationships or ever remaining relationships.

1.   Always Support Each Other

Never ever leave your partner unsupported. Whatever be the opinions and ideas, know that you are the only one he/she can lean for support. When both of you are alone, you can argue among yourself on points you disagree with the other one, but in public both of you have only one mind. Holding the hands, especially when he/she is sad or broken, is helpful to convey you care for the person. Once you have decided to live together, then no questions of separation may arise, even in the opinions.

2.   Breakup and Divorce are not the Solution

When asked about the best possible way of resolving the issues in relationships or marriage, many people may comment that breakup or a divorce is the best possible method of putting an end to all the troubles in a relationships. It is the biggest mistake people commit.

The reason for increased divorce rate is analyzed as the mentality of people who even before getting into a relationship think divorce as means of solving possible issues in it. Divorce is never an option but it’s the utmost decision to be taken in life only at an inevitable situation. Do not even think about a breakup or marriage whenever you confront with minor issues in relationships. Issues are just byproducts of the happiness experienced in the relationships.

3.   Love Defined is Respect and Care

You can just tell that you love your partner but can never express the love as it is. There is no emotion like love, but it comes as a package which includes, respect, care, share, dedication, forgiveness etc., express the emotions whenever possible to make the other person feel the intensity of your love. Do not be a miser in loving the partner and let your love be unconditional. It is rightly said that love is defined as respect and care. When the partner feels that you do not care for him/her or do not give him/her the due respect, the person may think of an alternative to you.

4.   No Perfect Relationships, but Perfect Situations

No one can be considered in a perfect relationship, how happy the couple is, as happiness in a relationship is just the happiness of the situations created by the partners. No relationship, as a whole, is destined to be jovial and satisfying. There can be moments of happiness and moments of struggles.

The couple who learns the secrets of balancing both happiness and struggles wins the life and enjoys the best possible relationship and life. When in tension or issues, many people may think that they are fated to fall in to wrong relationship, and at the same time ignore the possible chances of making each moments in life happy by understanding the partner a bit more and adjusting a bit more.

5.   Never be Afraid or Make Him/Her Afraid

Another secret of happy relationship lies in being open and frank with the partner. Do not feel afraid to express you mind to the partner and never ever make him/her afraid of you to tell out the mind. When people communicate each other many of the issues can be melted down. An issue, how ignorable it is, when kept in mind for several days, can take forms of anger, frustration, dislike etc., and get expressed in the most undesirable manners. Let the communication between the partners be a frequent element and no one should hold the words when he/she really wants to talk.


Things to do after divorce

Accepting the verdict of divorce does not mean the problem has been resolved. But it is beginning to take the next life. Here are things to do after you receive the divorce decree so that your life will be better in the future

  1. Read the decision of Divorce

Believe it or not, some people will not read their divorce decree. People make the mistake of assuming they know what’s in the decree, so there’s no need to read it. You want to reread your copy of the divorce decree to ensure you are familiar with its contents, but also to make sure it contains no mistakes.

When reading the decree, make a list of your obligations and your former spouse’s obligations under the decree, as well as the deadlines by which these items are to be addressed.

If, when reading the decree, you see any typos or other mistakes, immediately notify your divorce lawyer. He or she can take care of getting the mistakes corrected.

2.     Take Some Time for Yourself & Your Family

A divorce is a major life-changing event. It’s stressful and disruptive to your regular routine. Take some time for yourself. Reconnect with friends, join a gym or plan a vacation.

If you have children, remember that their lives have also been shaken up. Give them extra love and spend extra time with them, and pay attention to their moods. Younger children in particular may have trouble coming to terms with the divorce, so pay attention to what they’re saying and what’s left unsaid. Consider talking to a family therapist if you think your children are having a difficult time adjusting.

3.     Update Necessary Documents

If you give it some thought, your spouse’s name is probably listed on many legal and financial documents, including some you may not see on a day-to-day basis. Your legal name and address may have also changed. Among the documents that may need to be updated:

  • Your will and living will
  • Power of attorney
  • Instances where your spouse may have been named as a beneficiary, including life insurance policies and retirement accounts
  • Emergency contact information on file with your employer or your children’s school and/or day care
  • Checking and savings accounts, credit card accounts and loans (particularly where your former spouse may have been an authorized user, joint account holder or authorized signer)
  • Tax withholdings

4.     Follow Through on Your Obligations

After reading your divorce decree, you’ll have a list of tasks you need to complete. (For example, the divorce decree may require you to remove your spouse’s name from your home loan by either selling your home or refinancing your mortgage.) Make sure you’ve added these to-do items to your calendar and address them promptly. You don’t want to be in violation of your divorce agreement simply because you forgot to do something.

Similarly, you should also add your former spouse’s obligations to your calendar. If he or she fails to perform tasks by the deadline, follow up with your former spouse (or your divorce lawyer) right away. If you let your ex miss one deadline, you can be sure that he or she will probably miss other deadlines.

Tips Solving problems that often occur in relationships

In every relationship there will be many problems that will arise, whether it’s a small problem or a big problem could happen at any time. the most important thing in a relationship is how to deal with any problems that arise at any time because if it is handled properly then the relationship will remain good in the future.

The initial stages of relationships are generally found to be stable and free of greater issues as the adjustment and tolerance are more. But as the time passes on and the formal ways are replaced with the casual attitudes the issues can come up. If not taken the right measures of problem solving, they can spoil the relationship and end in breakups.

  1. Trust is everything

It is truly said that it is the trust that give thrust to the relationships. Two people get into relationship because they feel each other lovable and trustworthy. The partners need to be careful not to break trust if they really need to cherish a long term relationship. Lying to the partner, concealing certain facts from him/her etc., are detrimental actions in any relationship.

Be open and frank to the partner and create a free atmosphere between them so that there won’t be a need of telling lies. Being constant, being ion time, adhering to promises being fair in arguments, being good listener etc., are advisable modes of maintaining the trust between the partners in a relationship.

2.   Poor communication

Poor communication is one of the greatest causes for most of the bulging issues in any communication. There should be very strong and clear communication between the partners in a relationship. Many a time issues occur not because there is a specific cause, but because the communications get misunderstood. If the messages reach the wrong way to the partner, there can be obvious gaps between the people and a complete breakup in the future.

Do not presume that the partner will understand what you feel and what you want from him/her. Discuss all the aspects of the relationship and make each other well aware of the attitudes, likes, dislikes and expectations of both the partners in the relationship. Do not hesitate to communicate with the partner being afraid of the reaction of the persona or thinking that he/she may think against your point.

3.   Financial management

People in a relationship may have to cooperate in financial management and many times mutual sharing and expenditures may occur in relationships. “My money is mine and your money is also mine” attitude may, certainly, damage the trust and honor of relationships.

When you get into a relationship, be ready to spend for common needs and share the income for common or personal needs of the partner. Do not keep your income and expenditure a secret with the partner. Similarly make the partner aware of your financial obligations too. Knowing the financial status of each partner may help them share mutually and manage the income in the best ways.

4.   Sexual relationship

Sexual activities are aspects where the partners may have very many personal ambitions and when something goes wrong they may feel incompatible with the other one. The way one person wants to maintain the sexual life may not be the same the partner needs it. Again, the right communication is the solution and adjusting without hampering the self honor and dignity. Do not sacrifice all your desires just for the happiness of the partner as it may in future become a cause for discomfort and a possible breakup.

5.   Financial management

People in a relationship may have to cooperate in financial management and many times mutual sharing and expenditures may occur in relationships. “My money is mine and your money is also mine” attitude may, certainly, damage the trust and honor of relationships.

When you get into a relationship, be ready to spend for common needs and share the income for common or personal needs of the partner. Do not keep your income and expenditure a secret with the partner. Similarly make the partner aware of your financial obligations too. Knowing the financial status of each partner may help them share mutually and manage the income in the best ways.

6.   Frequent conflicts

Conflicts are inevitable part in life, how happy and compatible the partners may be. Relationship between two people is just like joining two odd objects. No partners are perfectly alike or absolutely matching. Occasional conflicts are quite natural but getting into frequent quarrels and arguments may spoil the relationship. Avoid all the unnecessary conflicts and never make argument a habit.

Many relationships end in breakups because of the avoidable issues between the partners. Never take an argument in a relationship as issue of honor; rather if the partner doesn’t leave the topic, you withdraw deliberately. Be wise to choose how to react and when to react. Understanding the partner perfectly will help a person to decide how to react in conflicts.

Keep in mind that the above tips are just as a guide to help you, all depending on your running relationship. if you can properly execute your relationship then the relationship will be established a strong and good in the future


Some sorrow will be experienced in a divorce

Hearing the word “divorce” certainly synonymous with sadness. everyone relationships households do not want to have the name of divorce. grief experienced people who are experiencing divorce will be different from one another, here are some sadness that may be in the nature of people who were and are divorced:

1. Acceptance

This really is happening to me. I have to devise some coping mechanisms and strategies to deal with all of this. There is no running away from it anymore. Time to face the music: I was already divorced in my head long before Sam filed. It would take a lot of time to accept all of this if I didn’t want a divorce and didn’t see it coming.

2. Guilt

You believe it’s all your fault – maybe a lot of it is. I’m totally screwing up my kids’ lives, and they will wind up in an orphanage. Try to take it easy on yourself. If most of the divorce is your fault, accept that fact and for God’s sake learn from your mistakes. Guilt is like a 100-pound weight strapped to your ankle. You have to get rid of it before you can move forward.

3. Depression

This is all settling in now. The person I was supposed to have loved and he/she love me back has betrayed me. I’m looking at Internet dating, bar scenes, and whatever else single people do nowadays. You get to become friends with embarrassment, serious money problems, and a host of other problems. Depression is inevitable during and after a divorce. Accept it and deal with it. It should dissipate with time. If you’re having more depression than what you think you can handle, get some help! Or just get some help if you’re just mildly depressed. Doctors, therapists, peer support groups, and friends can be a big help.

4. Anger

How could the person I exchanged vows with in front of God, family, and friends be doing this? I don’t deserve this. I was angry because Sam made the whole divorce into an epic battle when it didn’t have to be. I would add frustration with this emotion. You will experience both. Don’t let these emotions make you do something stupid or cloud your judgment too much.

5. Bargaining

You might start to promise your spouse mostly unrealistic things to stop the action. Or you tell yourself you will stop or start a behavior to change this. Please don’t embarrass yourself. Odds are the ball is rolling; don’t beg your spouse to stop the divorce if it’s inevitable. Keep your chin up! You might also start bargaining with God. It’s amazing how religious I’ve seen people get during crises, saying things like, “I promise I won’t do X if you just let me have my life back” or the opposite, “I hate you, God! How could you of let this happen?”

6. Denial

You can’t believe this is actually happening. I really didn’t have too much of this. It had been coming for some time.

7. Pain and Fear

This really hurts in many ways, and how am I going to go on by myself emotionally, monetarily, etc.? You will feel all kinds of pain during your divorce; some of it will never go away. That’s OK, though. Pain lets you know you’re still alive; it can be your friend. Pain is also the great motivator. Pain gets you off of your ass and makes you do something to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

There was a poster in the academy that read, “Pain is weakness leaving your body!” I thought of that poster many times when I thought I was going to die after running until I felt like I was going to pass out. It’s OK to be afraid during this time. My biggest fears were if my kids would be OK during and after all this mess. I also had the fear of losing my home and a host of other financial problems. I made it through all the mess – and you will, too!

I hope the above tips can help all those who are and are divorced, so the grief they are experiencing protracted so that it can resume normal life

Be prepared mentally when you are going to be single

Sometimes breaking romance can not be predicted. But actually, before the relationship ends there are signs or irregularities that have occurred. From reading the situation, you can prepare for the worst thing in the relationship. Although the breakup was not easy to pass, at least you can be calm in the face of the fact that the relationship should be ended. The following tips discuss about how to prepare before a breakup

Being single helps you learn who you are

If you can’t be yourself, by yourself, it can be next to impossible to be yourself with someone else. That’s not to say if you are in a relationship right now you need to break up, but spending time alone can be a really healthy thing to do. Being alone with yourself gives you more free time to explore your own thoughts, feelings, interests and the areas of your life you might be tempted to neglect when you’re with a partner (and maybe even watch that TV show you’ve been wanting to see!).

Being single helps you learn to set boundaries

Setting boundaries is key to being a healthy person because boundaries help you define how you would like to be treated by others. Figuring out what you are comfortable with, both in and outside of a relationship, can be really valuable, and while you’re single you can really think clearly about your own boundaries. When thinking about your boundaries, some things to consider are your physical, sexual and emotional comfort levels in different situations (check out this handy list from Scarleteen to help you think through your sexual boundaries). While it’s possible for boundaries to shift during a relationship as you build trust with someone, having those standards in the back of your mind if something goes wrong can be so helpful.

Being “alone” doesn’t have to mean you are alone

Having a solid support system made up of people of all genders can be helpful during any phase of life. Members of your support network can include family, friends, co-workers, mentors or anyone else you trust and enjoy spending time with. It can sometimes be easier to create that system of support when you’re not in a relationship since when you have a partner, it can feel as though you don’t have time for anyone else. Some ideas for building up your support system include reconnecting with that old friend you haven’t seen in ages, catching up on things with your bff, or making some new friends through a team or club. Hobbies, clubs and shared activities are also great ways to continue connecting with the people who are already a part of your life.

Being single helps you learn to take care of and trust yourself

Learning how to take care of and value yourself – rather than another person – is so important, and it doesn’t have to be scary! It can actually be a really cool learning process. Feeling good on your own is a useful skill whether you’re in a relationship or not. It’s great to know that you are happy on your own and able to love yourself and have that love be enough. It’s also hard to trust other people if you don’t already trust your own wants, needs and instincts, and trust is a key foundation in any kind of healthy relationship.

What to do when the first date to be memorable for the couple

firsdateThe first date is one period that normally must be passed each pair. In our culture, dating is always associated with the term “meet” or “dating”. There are many things that could have happened at the time of the first date, and most importantly how to make our spouse memorable while making the first date.
For new couples, it could be a first date is something very romantic or even sometimes not romantic at all. At first you might feel embarrassed and unusual, but if you want to enjoy and provide the best in dating partner, then you should do some important things like the following:

1.  Give a quick and cool hello

Even if you and your guy talk all the time, the first moment of a Real Date is nerve-racking — so much buildup! Keep your cool and calm his jitters by giving him a warm hi and a quick hello hug.

Then make a joke that acknowledges the weirdness (“Full disclosure: I changed three times!”) — it will diffuse any pressure. (If he honks from your driveway, wave him in for just a minute while you grab your purse and jacket.)

2.  Pick the perfect outfit

You want him to open the door and think, Wow!—but without looking like you’re trying too hard. Strike the balance by pairing your cutest jeans with an off-the-shoulder tee or a strappy tank—something that shows just a touch more skin than usual. (He’ll definitely notice!) Give yourself an extra 30 minutes to get ready, so you don’t have to rush or make him wait.

3.  Offer to split the check.

If you think he might pick up the check or don’t know how much food to order, ask him what he’s getting and choose a dish around the same price. When the check comes, offer to split it. If he really insists on paying, thank him and say you’ll buy him ice cream next!

4.  Keep the convo moving.

Your instinct may be to ask a bunch of questions to get him to open up, but that can feel like a college admissions interview. Instead keep the convo moving by making funny observations. (“Do you ever accidentally make eye contact with the people stopped next to you at a red light? I hate that!”) Don’t worry about silences — you can always default to talking about what’s playing on his iPod. Since he picked the music, he’ll have stuff to say about it.

5.  At the end of the night, bring up something you talked about earlier.

If you want to go out again, let him know by bringing up something you talked about earlier (“So when do I get to beat you at Guitar Hero?”). Ready for a kiss? Don’t rush out of the car when he drops you off — move closer to him and keep eye contact. If it’s on his mind too, he’ll lean in!

6.  Wait for him to text you.

Play it cool and let him reach out to you: Texting first can seem overeager. If he’s interested in you, you’ll probably hear from him by the end of the day. In the meantime, enjoy the rush you get after an awesome date — it’s exciting to know anything could happen next!

The above tips not as the benchmark in the first date but it all depends on you, if you prepare everything carefully definitely your first date will run successfully

How to decide a girlfriend without hurting her

putusBreaking up with a girlfriend is a tough thing to do a lot of people say “break up with your girlfriend or you’ll find instead of” yes, in the process was difficult because we’re used to our partners and how to eliminate it and as much as possible not to hurt each other, the following These useful tips for you if you break up with your partner

1. Practice and Rehearse What You’re Going to Say

The more prepared you are, the smoother the breakup will go. This advice works for all ages. TeensHealth advises young romantics to think through their decision to break up and feel clear about why it’s necessary before acting.

When you go to break up with someone, be ready to explain your reasons and answer her questions.

You’re breaking up for a reason, so make sure you communicate that. Hit your bullet points without taking overly long: “Danielle, we have been fighting too much, and it’s not healthy. I think we need to break up. I’ve thought a lot about it, and I’m not interested in working on it — I just want to move on.”

Say it out loud to yourself beforehand. Get your mouth used to physically saying the words. Try to also think about what their reactions/arguments will be and prepare answers for them.

2. Be Honest, Open, and Direct

There’s a reason people say “Honesty is the best policy.” It just is. Especially in a breakup. According to Psychology Today, honesty is the best way to achieve “minimal hurt, pain, and drama” when ending a relationship. It may not be easy to look someone in the eye and say that uncomfortable truth, but it’s better in the long-run.

Being honest can feel painful and uncomfortable in the moment, but it’s much kinder long-term.

If you’re mature enough to have a sexual and emotional relationship, you’re mature enough to end the relationship properly. Breaking up is like ripping off a Band-Aid. Sure, it may hurt in the moment, but then it’s over and done with and you can start healing.

Show respect for that person by being honest and open about your reasons and offering direct feedback. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard and sound vicious or blunt. Keep it classy.

3. Leave Them Better Than You Found Them

This will be difficult. There’s no denying that. However, if the other person is open and agreeable, your supportive remarks could help them grow.

Breaking up isn’t a time to wound; it’s a time to heal.

During a breakup, Psychology Today emphasizes meeting that person’s needs as well as your own, so that the whole experience is mutually beneficial.

Everything we do or say or see in life adds to who we are as a human being. Let breaking up be an opportunity to learn and reflect. If you can manage to end a relationship on a positive note, those memories will forever be happy ones.

A scorched-earth approach might feel gratifying in the moment, but you’ll regret it later and always associate negative feelings with your relationship. No one wants that. Instead, choose personal growth by helping your ex see that splitting up is a good thing for both of you.

hopefully some tips can be useful for you so that you can quickly move on from your partner and would find a better partner.